Why Linen?

Linen is regarded as one of the most beautiful fabrics to sleep under and is renowned for its comfort and breathability.  It is made from flax which gives the cloth unique thermo-insulation properties; it is wonderfully cool in summer but warm and cosy in winter.

Linen is PH neutral, naturally anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic making it friendly for all skin types and particularly for those with eczema.  It is for this reason that historically linen was used for hospital bedding and dressing wounds.

The flax fibres in linen, although laborious to spin and weave, are very durable and don’t stretch. This leads to a very long lasting fabric meaning your linen will last for many, many years.  With laundering and age, linen softens to a lovely soft handle.  Its relaxed look is part of its charm.

We recommend the you machine wash your bedlinen at 40C and if possible let it air dry and then iron whilst still damp.

Environmentally Friendly

The flax plant requires considerably less water and far fewer pesticides than cotton to grow. As well as the less intensive growing process, all parts of the flax plant can be used, meaning that the production of linen is not wasteful. Linen itself is also ultimately biodegradable.

We hope that you and your children will love your bedlinen before passing it on to the next generation.